Website Design with Joomla

Joomla CMS is this year's success story for us so far - it's been around for a long time but we really 'believe' in the latest version, Joomla has come of age. Phenomenists support the adaptive Joomla platform and actively encourage website owners to take advantage of running their own updates using the intuitive 'Joomla back-end' editor. 
Some of our 'Joomla' websites are linked below - to find out more, please call us on 01747 838880.

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Hosting & Email - We use RackSpace & UK Fast!

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Phenomenists have invested heavily to ensure we provide our customers with the fastest and most stable UK based hosting platforms available. By partnering with both UK Fast (Manchester) and Rackspace (London) we believe we have achieved true diversity. All hosting and mail server operations are managed 'in-house' - making our clients' internet experience a truly reactive one. 
Want more web space? Want an e-commerce website you can update yourself? Want more POP3 mail boxes? Want a new virtual server for your latest web project set up this morning?
No problem - it's one phone call away.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), really the only reliable indicator of an SEO specialist’s worth is to listen to those that have already handed their hard earned cash over and experienced the quality of their SEO work first hand.

The Green Approach is such a company based in Dorset; their directors came to Phenomenists for advice on how to improve their search engine ranking for a cross section of key phrases and key words.

Phenomenists assessed their website and reported back with a detailed proposal on how to achieve their search engine ranking goal – over the next six months, we achieved 100% of their SEO goals – a top 10 listing for each of their key phrases across 6 major engines including Google, more than doubling generically sourced traffic to their website.

 What’s more, we were paid largely by results, not eye watering amounts of cash up front.

After all, by putting our money where our SEO mouth is we find our clients more inclined to relax and engage with the optimization process, rather than fret about whether or not their money has been well spent.

 If your company is looking for SEO services, please call us and we’ll get onto it!